Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Makes the Man?

Good morning!

Today we had a whopping ten students in class (8 in the second, two students escaped), which is much better than I expected. I wonder when the numbers will really start to dwindle?

Today we looked at what makes the man. The E.T.: What does it mean to you "be a man?" (10 points)

After a discussion on manliness, which included a brief discussion on the lack of nurturing qualities, making us question if our list isn't lopsided, we looked at passages from Things Fall Apart and applied our thoughts on manliness to different ways that Okonkwo interacted with his world.

Those passages can be found here:

page 13 the first paragraph
page 33
page 61-62

For each section from the book, pairs of students did this:

1. Summarize each section.
2. For each section, discuss what character traits are present.

At the end, we answered our essential questions: Who is Okonkwo and what moves him? How does the idea of manliness affect his perception and actions? Is he different from us?

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