Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 1 without Seniors--February 14th, Monday

Hello all and welcome to the blog created just for Mrs. Ozsarac's English class! This is not a blog in the traditional sense, since I will not be pondering the meaning of life or blogging about things that matter. This is a space for those of you in my class who would like to keep up on what happens each day of English class. What assignments I post here are not optional assignments and if you do not complete them you will get a zero, so please keep that important tidbit in mind.

For submissions of assignments, you have a couple of options:

1. Send it with a friend to turn in to me
2. E-mail it to me at
3. Bring it yourself! If you are using this blog as a resource, then you haven't been at school, and we miss you!

Here is what we did today:

1. E.T.-- Free Write (10 points)

2. Group work on the basics of Things Fall Apart. Please choose one of the three topics and submit a summary of what you know. The options are: main characters, plot overview, or themes motifs and symbols.

For an easy five points, please post a comment to this blog so that I know you found it. This is not an option! Please be sure to leave your name so I can give you points.


  1. Greetings from yout lovely student who looks like Vince Vaughn, Ali Cem Ertekin

  2. Sorry Mrs. Ozsarac and thank you for 5 points

  3. Thanks for the blog and 5 points Mrs. Ozsarac

  4. Hello Mrs. Ozsarac :) Thank you for the blog
    Deniz Caglar

  5. thank you for 5 points. mithatcan kabaali

  6. this blog will be quite helpful, thank you, eren.

  7. thanks for the blog mrs. ozsarac.
    Alper y.

  8. Thank you for the blog and the five points Mrs. Ozsarac!