Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is Your Story?

Hello absentee gang,

Today we finished the interview with Chinua Achebe and answered questions about the important and interesting things he said. We also discussed his answers and the way he was "evasive" (thanks for that Mert) and didn't answer anything too directly. We connected that to Adichie's idea of the danger of the single story. Achebe is sure to make it clear that there is no one way to read his book, nor is there only one thing that you should take away from it, other than the fact that we are all humans and it is the human experience that links us together.

In that vein, we brieflydiscussed how the issues that Onkonkwo deals with are similar to those that Willy Loman struggled with that Macbeth struggled with as well, highlighting the point that there are only so many human experiences available therefore we are linked by our humanity. Hopefully in a later class we can further explore this interesting notion.

The second part of the lesson was an excursion into the self, with a writing assignment focused on your favorite!

This was an extension to Monday's entry task where I asked you to write "your story." The assignment (20 points): If you could only tell one story that defines you, what would it be? Also, you need to find a metaphor that represents you.

So the story will start with something like this:

If I had I had to choose one object that defines me, I would choose_______.
The the rest will be an explanation of the metaphor through the story of you.

Any questions? E-mail me!

No class tomorrow because of a ceremony.

See you Monday !?

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